Level Control, Water Level Controller, Liquid Level sensor


Function ( Refer Fig. 18 )
Supply Voltage
Single / Double Level Control-Adjustable Sensitivity of liquid
1) 24 VAC  2) 110 VAC
3) 230 VAC 4) 415 VAC
LLC-22 Single / Double Level Control-Fixed Sensitivity of liquid
Applicable for (1) Electrically Conductive (Sensitive) liquid like water and
                       (2) Electrically Non-Conductive liquid like diesel, oil etc.

Input Sensor (1) For conductive liquid, use a three sensing electrode [High (H), Low (L), Ground (G)] of suitable electrically Conductive metal (like stainless steel) and   (2) For non-Conductive liquid, use a two set (High (H) & Low (L) of float type magnetic reed switch sensor.

Liquid Sensing to relay tripping time delay is less than 1 sec.
Electrode Maximum Voltage : 24 VAC & Current : 1 mA (50/60 Hz)
Galvanic isolation via transformer.
Relay Output : One Change over (1CO), 5A @ 230VAC/28VDC resistive load.
Size : [22.5(W) x 75(H) x 105(D)] mm. (Refer Fig. 13)
35 mm. Rail Mounting or Screw Mounting.
Order Code : MODEL-SUPPLY, Ex. : LLC-11-230V.

OVER ALL / MOUNTING DIMENSIONS ( All Dimensions in mm.)
Timing Dimenstions

For electrically conductive liquid, three sensing probes for High (H), Low (L) & Ground (G) levels, suspended type mounting,
Probe material of contact / connection : SS316
Probe outer insulation : Engineering grade plastic - Delrain
Probe Dimensions : 70 mm Height x 18 mm O.D., Cylinder.

Single Phase Preventer, Phase Failure Relay

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